"Facing our distant past by means of a healer who understands the consequences of events of past lives, those that leave scars in the soul, the mind and the subconscious - is not an easy task. It takes dedication, credibility, faith and knowledge, hours of studying and practicing. When I left my soul bare and opened my mind to the changes needed to discharge negative energies, Jennifer took the time, patience and love to guide me through the path to clearing those. It has taken some time to assimilate, accept and reform thoughts and feelings guarded by our ignorance or disbelief but the changes in me for one, are evident in the new peace and tranquility I feel from my waking moment, though the day and my dreams that are pleasant and I can remember, not without still waiting for other messages to arrive. Thank you Jennifer, not only my friend, soul mate and guide, but the daughter who makes me and all those around you, proud and intrigued. I won't stop lettting your energy flow into my spirit because what I feel and how it feels now beyond peace, Is that self knowledge and understanding of who I am. Not who I was. Thanks do not reach the essence. Love does. But I thank you for the love."

-Manny Nunez, Colombia, South America

"For the past week, I've felt mentally toxic. Like I wasn't present on this planet emotionally. 30 minutes after my clearing, I'm all better! I have an appetite again. I was actually eating during the clearing. I haven't been hungry in days. Most of my physical tension is fading away. I feel good. My mind is open and awake again. Thanks for helping me find "me" by clearing room for that door to open."

-Ashley Corbett, North Carolina

"Jennifer, I want to thank you for all of the beautiful positive energy and guidance you have given me. Before the clearing, I did not know if I was ever going to get out of that heavy energy I was feeling. The vibe at work is so much better and relaxed, too! I am calm and peaceful even when circumstances are not. You are a beautiful soul and have the biggest heart in the world!"

-Sonia Gaxiola, Brea, California

"Jennifer, words can't explain how grateful I am for always going out of your way and helping my children and me and even my husband now, where we've most needed it through our rough times. Stay beautiful in and out always and may God our Lord continue to Bless you for your unique and special positive energy you bestow. Continue making a beautiful difference in people's lives because it is something that very few are born with. Thank you for making a wonderful change in my life!"

-S., La Mirada, California