Our True nature allows compassion, unconditional love and integrity to flow freely, without hesitation...-Jennifer Maya


From the age of eight, I can remember a deep connection to the Source of everything (God, All that Is) and that we are all interconnected.  A glimpse, a recognition of my purpose here on Earth surfaced and has propelled me to seek the greater Truth in life and help others find their inner peace. 

In 2003, I experienced an amazing shift in consciousness. My mom and grandma went to Colombia, South America to bury my Uncle Ernesto and were surprised at the transformation a month later when they returned home. Stunned, my mom just told me to keep doing whatever I was doing and that the peaceful girl that emerged was amazing to see flourish. I will say that I had been seeking inner peace since the moment I had the first recollection of the AWARENESS of my existence. It had been a driving force, the questioning, the searching and researching...what was I a part of and what did I have to accomplish on this earthly plane? The large shift came shortly after a SPIRITUAL RESPONSE THERAPY (SRT) CLEARING by an amazing teacher. Since then, I have studied and practiced SRT, and practiced deep SURRENDER of the levels of consciousness that no longer serve me. Thank you Dr. David R. Hawkins!

I have over 15 YEARS experience as a Spiritual Response Therapy Personal Practitioner helping many clients achieve balance between mind, body and spirit. Allow me to assist you in your quest for uncovering the quiet that lies beneath the surface. 

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Just...spread the Joy of your own existence, the Awareness of your own existence. See the sacredness of all of life. Worship all of life because it is intrinsically sacred, because life is the energy of God. Amen.

-Dr. David R. Hawkins